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Whether vehicle scales, filling or bagging systems, checkweighers, counting scales or shipping or receiving scales – Intitek offers a wide range of standard application software for weighing terminals. Get an overview. For special requirements Intitek offers you programming services or development partnerships.

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CONLTROL/ONLINE is used for remote control of weighing terminals via Ethernet or serial interface from a PC. Commands for controlling the sequence are sent from the PC program. The PC program always has complete control over the sequence and weighing document printing.

Filling and bagging systems

Static and dynamic railway scales

Belt weighers & scales

Logistics scales

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Scale mechanics and filling controller are both crucial parts determining the speed and accuracy of a filling facility.

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Weight indicators and controllers for industrial applications

Weighing possible at any time and any place also in inclined position

Our weight indicators and controllers are used in various industrial applications: such as checkweighers, truck scales, rail scales, crane scales, filling systems, bagging scales, big bag filling systems, belt weighers, weighfeeders, floor scales, trestle scales, counting scales, receiving and shipping scales, recipe scales, dynamic scales, logistics scales, process scales, scales in hazardous areas (ATEX), freely programmable scales, animal scales, scales in quality assurance, pipe conveyor scales, differential batching scales and many more.

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